Hi, there, I'm Lygia.
I know you probably won't be able to pronounce my name right at first. That's ok.

I believe in hot chocolate in a cold day;
In dogs (and all sorts of animals, really);
In true friendships and strangers' kindness;
In daily doses of weirdness;
In producing and buying local;

In design, fashion, art and every single source of beauty;
I believe in the power of communication;
In being real and honest, rather than perfect;
In getting out of your comfort zone;
I believe in loving what I do.


Well, hello :)

I was born and raised in Brazil and now a resident of Vancouver, Canada.  In between the two I spent time studying Fashion Marketing for Luxury Brands in Milan, Italy and travelled to France, Belgium, Argentina, New York, Orlando and Las Vegas. Born with a wanderlust, I love languages and am fluent in Portuguese, English, Italian and French and still have a long list of destinations and cultures to explore. 

My educational background is in fashion and marketing. I have a Bachelor Degree in Fashion Design from The State University of Maringa and a Post Graduate Diploma in Sales and Marketing from the Pontificial Catholic University where I graduated with Honors. I continued my studies here in Vancouver at LaSalle College and recently graduated from theFashion Merchandising Program

For +6 Years prior to moving to Vancouver I worked for Morena Rosa and Megadose (large fashion brands in Brazil) as a Digital Marketer and Marketing Manager.  Over the years I developed a passion for graphic design through editing content for social media and web and since arriving in Vancouver have continued to work as a freelance graphic designer and content manager for local businesses

So far as me and my personality goes… I try not to take life too seriously and believe a good laugh is the solution to just about anything.  With this I am a fantastic problem solver and great in a crisis.  My college and work friends call me a geek but I think it’s just because I (really!) respect deadlines. I will try anything once and do what I love as often as possible.

Going after a dream has a price. It may mean abandoning our habits, it may make us go through hardships, or it may lead us to disappointment, et cetera. But however costly it may be, it is never as high as the price paid by people who didn’t live.
— Paulo Coelho, Brazilian Writer